Questions continued

April 6, 2011

From Rukshana Aziz – Would ask the speaker with the issues and the effects of cuts, is the government still going to be giving voluntary groups grants to help them with energy saving tips? There are a lot of vulnerable people who will lose vital services if certain cuts were to be made in home insulation, recycling waste collection etc. As these are very important to help improve the lives of people.

Many services are going to be affected.  If you are the user and will be affected, then you should get in touch with your MP and raise the issue – these things are being debated every day.  They are important issues and are raised everyday due to deficit reduction plans.

From Mr Marie-Claude Kabazo – How will the government support new social enterprises in this crisis?

Again, difficult to answer as things are changing.  The Government would say that they want to support social enterprises, but are looking for them to be leaner and fitter, to make backroom costs more effective.

Mrs Greenwood – Have had a debate around the way that cuts will impact the community and voluntary sector in Nottingham, and has worked with CVS in doing so.  Questions have been put to ministers, but replies are yet to be forthcoming especially around concerns that alternative funding streams could be found, but time is needed.  She emphasizes her willingness to meet with groups and to lobby Government on the subject.

Nigel Cooke (One Nottingham) made himself available to discuss issues as well.

From Aliya Vaughan – How can community groups help people in the community if funding has been withdrawn from them? The most vulnerable of society suffer the most like families, the elderly, disabled and minority and ethnic groups. To withdraw funding just makes their difficult lives even more difficult. Please tell us how this helps us believe that we are all in this economic crisis together?

The short answer is that it makes life very, very difficult for those providing support or being advocates.  Have previously tried to explain why the government is doing what it is in trying to very quickly reduce deficit, but if you are on the receiving end you will feel aggrieved by the measures.  Mr Bercow mentions how as an MP he is always going into battle on behalf of the most vulnerable in his constituency.  As much as his (Buckingham) might have less social issues, they are still there and there are still vulnerable people in his area. If services like day centres for the elderly are cut, it impacts the lives of people that use them as a lifeline immediately.


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