More questions

April 6, 2011

The last from the Nottingham Academy students:

What made you want to become the Speaker of the House of Commons?

Short answer is that I had no desire to be a minister, and that there might not be much chance of me being asked to be a minister.  Most MP’s think they have got something to offer, and I thought that I would be good at being speaker. (there was a longer answer too).

Why are university tuition fees going up?

The Government is very anxious to ensure that whilst they are having to reduce University budgets, Universities should still have a reasonable income so they can keep staff, have resources, offer good courses and do good research.  Mr Speaker makes the point that he is explaining what is happening rather than be for or against the governments decisions.  He explains the process whereby the Liberal Democrats had to decide how to create a coalition.  Mr Speaker is not sure how his parents would have felt about him going to University in the current climate, but is sure he would still have wanted to go.

Lillian Greenwood responds: I stated before the election that I was against tuition fees going up, and am able to stand by this as a Labour MP.  I had a meeting with the Connexions service about young peoples futures, who said that less young people were thinking about going to University because of the expected debt at the end of their course.


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