Last one for now…then to the floor

April 6, 2011

From Elinor C Jeffreys-Ghinie – As your predecessor has, Speaker Martin’s Single Highland Malt Whisky, what will you leave behind so that people may drink your health?’

I will leave behind a Single Malt whisky.  There are conventions in the house, one of which is that the Speaker selects a Whisky that is bottled specially and  available in the House of Commons shop.  The previous speaker, Mr Martin never drank Whisky, yet still selected one.

From the floor –

With the Primary Care Trusts being abolished and patient funding being passed to GP’s, will patients still be funded to travel to different hospitals?

Lillian Greenwood – The Government are passing through some of the biggest changes to the NHS that we have ever seen, yet people power has managed to get the government to stop and think again.  Simply, it will be up to GP’s to decide where they get services from, however how that relates to peoples choice in selecting their services is unclear.

Next week on the 14th April, the partners for this event are hosting an event looking into GP commissioning with Chris Packham, Director of Public Health in Nottingham and others at the Indian Community Centre. More info here –


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