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April 6, 2011

If you want to raise an issue, your first stop should be your local MP via letter, e-mail or a visit to an advice centre, so make sure you know who your local MP is

Graham Allen (Nottingham North), Lillian Greenwood (Nottingham South), Chris Leslie (Nottingham East)

Remember, that whatever his or her interests are as a specialism, whatever your interest is must be theirs.

All MP’s hold regular surgeries, these are places where you can go and meet them on a regular basis.

The very essence of democratic representation that MP’s are paid to advise is a development of a relationship with your MP around the issues that are important to you.  If you are campaigning as a group, why not invite your MP to come and visit you?  They are usually in Westminster Monday to Friday when Parliament is sitting, when it is not, MP’s are usually in their constituencies most of the time.  They are excited to visit and see what is going on in their constituencies to understand better what is going on.

Parliamentary Outreach is an integral part of democracy.  ‘It seems astonishing that for 700 years we did not have such a facility’.  It exists to raise awareness of the process of government and to enhance engagement with Parliament.

They host workshops and sessions all over the company.  The most important, perhaps, pertains to helping people understand how new bills or legislation will affect them.  They are not for or against the bill, but exist to explain what the implications are and how the process works as well as helping people and organisations understand how they can influence change.


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